The Adaptation Learning Network (ALN) Portal is where course developers post information about their courses using a simple, online form. Information can be added to the ALN Portal as it becomes available. For example a course developer may have detail about the course outline but not yet know when the course will run. No problem – add information as it evolves and make sure to click the Update button whenever new information is added.

Adding course information is important because:

  • it enables ALN to market courses to the membership of professional associations who contribute to the goals of ALN, and other interested registrants;
  • it enables other instructors creating courses for ALN to see the topics and course information from other courses, and not replicate themes already covered through other ALN courses;
  • it provides an at-a-glance view of all the courses available as part of the Adaptation Learning Network

Use the navigation at the top of this page to go to All Courses and scroll to the bottom and click Edit/Update to begin entering the information.